Long been a devotee of varied, vigorous exercise for the body and a keen reader of self-help/health books for the mind, I guess it was only a matter of time before yoga found me. Though it had long been in my peripherals, I consciously chose to dodge it for as long as I could as instinctively I knew it was something a lot deeper than just another sport or exercise fad. Until one day at my gym in Sydney, a last minute cancellation of Bodybump forced me to reconsider options, so I tried this elusive “Yoga” and instantly loved it as the class left me feeling charged but strangely super chilled.

It wasn’t until I moved to London 5 years later that I really felt the holistic benefits of a regular practice; while working in a manic marketing role it helped me keep anchored and sane while everything else was spinning around me; neutralising┬áthe heavy bouts of anxiety that work induced. Monday night sessions became my saving grace, the whole week I would look forward to that 6pm class until the obsession kicked in and I tried as many yoga studios, teachers and styles as possible; learning loads along the way.The next natural step was the desire to be a yoga teacher, searching high and low for the right school, style and lead teachers was a daunting task in itself but the choice to train with Sunrayoga school based between London and Sinai was one I never regret. After completing my 200 hour teacher training in 2011 in Egypt – the motherland- my mother’s home land, the country had an intense pull on me, so I relocated there six months later and began teaching yoga to locals, expats, Bedouin and Egyptian women on the mat and in the desert, which can only be described as an enlightening experience.

In 2014 upon returning to London, I went on to complete an 80 hour teacher training with Cherie of Yogamama and her fab team. Now teaching private pregnant classes as well as diverse weekly group classes around London. I do aim to bring yoga to everyone as I believe in the healing and transformative benefits on body, mind and spirit.